#002 Visual Artist Debbie Long

November 26, 2015

Debbie Long is a visual artist whose works engage the physical phenomena of light, color, and space and how these phenomena communicate outside the language of words.

She refers to her process as a ‘corralling of happy accidents’, which seems to capture the sense of wonder in her work. One of Debbie’s recent artworks, Naima, 2013, is a chamber of purple light and glass hidden inside an unassuming rusty trailer. Hundreds of handmade cast glass objects collect light from the sky. The interior changes as light shifts throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. Each piece of glass is cast and the mold is destroyed in the firing process, making each element a unique sculptural element connected to the cycles of light and built to be experienced over time.

Debbie invited us into the Naima Trailer for our Art+Tea Conversation where David served a Cashew Dream cake with Earl Gray tea.

Check out the Art+Tea website for photos including some of our tea party with Debbie. The site also features links on how to follow this podcast – and best of all, David’s recipe and tips.
Thanks to the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, NM and Art of Flying for the music. 


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